My name is Ricardo #

I am a senior ML scientist conducting high-level design and deployment of scalable AI/ML solutions from a proof-of-concept state to productionization in a research and development environment. My model integration tasks broadly encompass exploratory data analysis, anomaly detection and experimentation in a cross-functional setting to effectively generate explainable data-driven business insights. Alongside, I lead research projects that enclose state-of-the-art implementations in reinforcement learning, bayesian ML, transfer and meta learning, real-time object detection and metaheuristic optimization in the scope of logistics, automation and robotics.

I was previously associated with the Center of Intelligent Systems at the Technical University of Lisbon and a researcher for the Institute of Materials Science at the Technical University of Graz.

I am also interested in projects closely aligned with academia or research groups as I believe there is still so much to discover in our fast-paced world of artificial intelligence. On the side and during off hours, I also spend time learning about new technologies and teaching data structures and algorithms for data science at various levels, TeX presentations available @ my Github page!


  • Prefered Roles: Senior or Lead DS/MLE/MLS, Solutions/MLOps Architect or DS Tech. PM
  • Languages (B2+): Portuguese, English, German — References and CV on request


Run with passion, live with purpose #

While work plays a significant role in my life, it doesn’t encapsulate my entire self. I have grown to appreciate the nature through long hikes and engaging in mountain sports during the summer months. As winter sets in, I always take my time hitting the slopes, whether it be resort skiing or free riding. However, running holds a special place in my heart as my true addiction — offering me a peaceful escape from constant social interaction, despite my inherently talkative nature. I can dive into conversations about diverse topics like economy, philosophy, or even the field of geosciences for hours on end, but I’ve also come to appreciate the value of solitude and tranquility.


Like many others, traveling holds significant meaning in my life, particularly exploring different countries. It’s not just about visiting new places or sightseeing; it’s more about fully immersing myself in diverse cultures. With family members spread across the globe, I’ve experienced firsthand the power of languages in bridging people together. Mandarin is predominantly spoken among my relatives, and in spite of not being particularly skilled in it, it has taught me a valuable lesson: speaking someone’s native tongue is the most authentic way to establish genuine connections, no matter where you are in the world.